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Itaintchemo charity time. Dec 9th, Sunday, 2012. 9am - 3pm.

We are happy to welcome itaintchemo to be our first charity event.  It Ain't Chemo is an organization that provides cancer patients with comfort, care supplies, advice, and emotional support. Founded by firefighter and cancer survivor Kevin Hoyt, It Ain't Chemo raises awareness for its cause through the endorsements of local and national celebrities. 

  • All Day Entry and Air.
  • Lunch and drink complements by Pop Taco's and Zico Coconut Water.
  • One Standard raffle ticket.
  • One Professional photo of you by Gary Baum @
  • Live DJ

Special Guests

  • MMA Fighter Gil Guardado    
  • Pro Skaters from Vox Team    
  • Professional Paintballers: Sonny Lopez and Kat Secor


$6000+ in Raffle prizes

    - $1000 in Standard Raffle

    - $5000+ in SPECIAL Raffle will include different packages

  • Full Clip Tactical Vest
  • Paintball guns - yes, more than one!
  • $50/$100 Gift certificates, vouchers
  • Barrels, Limited edition signed barrels
  • Apparel, paint, hoppers, gear, shoes, headbands, pants, hats, shemaghs, accessories and much, much more.

Extra cash for?

1) If you want an extra meal, there's hotdogs, hamburgers, tacos, etc.

2) Buy cool gear, paint and supplies from sponsor booths

3) Bribe the refs, hire dancing girls to cheer you on

4) Buy special raffle tickets for special package prizes

Prepay and lock in your spot

$35 entry/air/lunch

Rentals:  Add $15 per rental, no field paint only restrictions!

Raffle special (prepay only): $20 for 5 special raffle. All prepay ends at 12/5/12.

Pay here: PAY NOW

Please indicate how many big game tickets, rentals (if you need any), and any extra raffles.

Please bring your receipt printout to the event to register. Registration starts at 8:30am.

Cancellations: We play rain or shine. Should we cancel this event, we will refund everyone in FULL.  If you cancel, you must  cancel by 12/01/12 for a full refund.  For any other situations, please submit reason why to

Event Vendors and Booths: 38 Sponsors and counting!!

Forgot something? Sponsor booths/trailers will be up for convenient shopping

Gun techs will be at booths for those pesky gun problems

Paint: Even though this is a BYOP (Bring your own paint) event, we'll have vendors selling paint at deep discounts for those who forgot paint or need more paint.

APX Gear is selling
Agro Basic – Great for RecBall 2000balls- $30.00 Per Case
Agro Pro – Great Practice Paint/High-End Rec Paint 2000balls - $35.00 Per Case
Fyre – Competition Grade Paint 2000balls- $40.00 Per Case

Valken will also be selling paint at deep discounts and will contribute to the charity for each case they sell.

For every case they sell, they will donate $5 to the charity. Please email if you'd need paint and what type so they'll know how much to bring to the event.                               

Gary Baum of paintball photography will be taking everyone's photos in high res at the event.  The HD photos will be on  You will be able to download 1 professional picture for free.  Check out the link and see the amazing quality of his pictures he's taken at other events.


Standard raffles will be drawn throughout the event. Must be present to win

Special raffles will be drawn at the end of the event.  Must be present to win.

Want more chances to win special prizes? Special raffle tickets are $5.

Prizes are: Lots of guns, gear, barrels, accessories, etc.

100% of the raffle will go to the charity Itaintchemo.